Vegan Festival Recap | Mikawa Mirin Collaboration

Japanese Version Coming Soon (Please Click Here)

Indeed it was an awesome experience to be amongst so many people here in Japan trying to make a positive impact in the world. Here are some photos from yesterday’s event where we partnered with Mikawa Mirin and gave out our signature Gluten Free Vegan Cheesecake. Like many vendors at the event, our food barely made it to the end. Either way we were delighted to see everyone’s reaction to BentoYa’s additional focus, BentoYa Baking.

If you’re interested in becoming part of out BentoYa Baking Team (becoming BentoYa Certified), please contact us on this page. We can already see that we will need all the support we can get!

Thank you to everyone for the positive feedback and special thanks to Mikawa Mirin.


Dan Pape