Special Christmas Offer

2 online lessons for 5,500 yen (incl. tax)

Looking for a special vegan Christmas gift for that special someone?

Then this is for you! Our newest limited time offer allows you to book two online classes for only 5,500 yen (6,600 yen → 5,500 yen).


Where: Online

Menu: Please choose 2 menu options from the list below.

When: Class dates will be scheduled via email. They should take place during the ticket validity period: January 1st, 2021 to December 31st, 2021.

Note: Upon confirmation of your order, we will contact you to confirm your 2 menu choices and preferred dates for the online classes. 

Menu options

(for more information about the classes, please click here)

  • Tantan ramen, dumplings (gyoza) & sauce
  • Vegan soy sauce ramen and spring rolls
  • Homemade udon and tempura
  • Vegan unagi and homemade pickles
  • Nigiri sushi, ginger & mayo
  • Rolled sushi and tempura
  • Shaun the Sheep character bento
  • Power bento
  • Raw ramen and matcha cake
  • cheese-less cheesecake
  • Vegan katsu curry


*Menu options are subject to availability of instructors

What’s included in the price?

For each lesson:

  • Introduction to the dishes
  • 1.0 hour online cooking demonstration
  • Recipe for cooking at home


How will the class be conducted?

The class will be conducted online through Zoom. We will share the Zoom meeting URL in advance.

Cancellation policy

We do not accept cancellation requests after settlement. If you cannot attend the lesson we can share the recipe.

December 11 @ 00:00 — December 31 @ 23:55
00:00 — 23:55 (503h 55′)


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