This class is held online (Zoom) on June 28th 2020.

What is Vegan Udon & Tempura?

Udon is a type of thick Japanese noodles that are the subject of very colourful origins; from being introduced by a Rinzai monk in 1292A.D. to being imported over by a Japanese envoy to Tang dynasty China. Whatever the case, it is generally enjoyed with a hearty broth of your choice and different types of toppings that are guaranteed to leave you full and happy. Tempura is deep fried vegetables (or seafood and meat for that matter), often served together with udon.

What’s on the menu?

  • Homemade udon (from scratch)
  • Mized vegetable tempura [kakiage]
  • Plant-based noodle soup
  • Plant-based dashi (Japanese soup stock)


What’s included in the price?

  • Introduction to the dishes
  • 1.0 hour online cooking demonstration
  • Recipe for cooking at home


How will the class be conducted?

The class will be conducted online through Zoom. We will share the Zoom meeting URL in advance.

Cancellation policy

We do not accept cancellation requests after settlement. If you cannot attend the lesson we can share the recipe.

June 28 @ 18:00
18:00 — 19:00 (1h)


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