This class is held online (Zoom) on September 26th 2020.

What is Classic Japanese Izakaya Bar Food Made Vegan?

Join the class and find out how delicious, wholesome and satisfying vegan izakaya food can be. Izakayas are Japanese-style dining bars that serve a variety of dishes to be enjoyed with sake. However, it is difficult to find vegan-friendly food in izakayas.

The online class will begin with a talk by a sake producer (live from the brewery). You will learn more about:


  • How to make sake
  • Why sake is said to be the healthier alcoholic beverage choice compared to beer
  • The characteristics of sake by the Kanbai Shuzo Corporation


This will be followed by a cooking demonstration on how to make delicious vegan izakaya-style dishes. The demonstration is conducted by BentoYa’s Head Chef Akiko Sugawara.


What’s on the menu?

  • Vegan tsukune (grilled chicken meatballs)
  • Sake lees pickled with summer vegetables
  • Potato teriyaki
  • Green beans and sake lees spring roll
  • Shiso miso roll (Miyagi prefecture local cuisine)
  • Deep-fried tofu (agedashi-style)


*Dishes may be subject to change depending on seasonal availability


What’s included in the price?

  • E-meeting the farmer & learning more about sake brewing
  • Introduction to the dishes
  • 1.0 hour online cooking demonstration
  • Recipe for cooking at home


About the sponsor:

BLUEFARM INC. is a food producer located in the Miyagi prefecture. The farm’s mission is to surprise the world through food made in Miyagi and they conduct business with several well-known hotels and restaurants. In 2019 they were awarded the Good Design Award for their work taking full advantage of local produce.

How will the class be conducted?

The class will be conducted online through Zoom. We will share the Zoom meeting URL in advance.

Cancellation policy

We do not accept cancellation requests after settlement. If you cannot attend the lesson we can share the recipe.

September 26 @ 17:00
17:00 — 18:30 (1h 30′)



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