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外国人向け和食料理教室BentoYa Cooking「菅原亜紀子さん」


Japanese food Cooking Class for foreigners BetoYa Cooking “Ms. Akiko Sugawara”

Hello! This is Ai Handa.

ファンケル ヨコハマなでしこ、今回は一般社団法人 日本ヴィーガン•ベジタリアン和食料理教室協会 代表理事で、外国人向け和食料理教室BentoYa Cooking(ベントウヤ クッキング)を運営されている、菅原亜紀子さんにお越しいただきました。

As Today’s guest for Fancl Yokokhama Nadeshiko, we represent Ms. Akiko Sugawara representative director of Japan Vegan/Vegetarian Japanese food Cooking Classes Association and now operates Japanese food cooking class BentoYa Cooking for foreigners.

ベントウヤ クッキングは、現在、東京•横浜•京都で、外国人向けに英語でヴィーガン和食を教えるお教室です。ヴィーガンとは、完全菜食のことで、植物性原材料のみで作る料理のこと。

BentoYa Cooking is currently teaching vegan Japanese food in English to foreigners in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kyoto. Vegan is a complete vegetarian diet, and it is a dish made only with botanical ingredients. 


Ms. Sugawara has operated a Japanese food catering company in Vancouver, Canada and started teaching Japanese food from then. When Ms. Sugawara returned to Japan, she noticed that many vegan or vegetarian foreigners who either live or visited Japan are having difficulty in eating in Japan. This is because most Japanese food contain animal raw material, so Ms. Sugawara decided to operate a vegan Japanese food cooking class for foreigners using only botanical ingredients.

お教室では、ヴィーガンキャラ弁やラーメン&餃子、カツカレーにグルテンフリーのスイーツと多彩なメニューが用意されています。特に人気だという日本のラーメンも、野菜のみで作ったコクと旨味がふんだんに入った出汁のつくり方から教えてもらえます。日本でヴィーガン料理を口にできる安心感と共に、レシピを持ち帰る事ができるので、自ら再現できる嬉しさもある様で、お客様が発信したSNSの投稿を見て、ベントウヤ クッキングに訪れるという連鎖もあるのだそう。菅原さん曰く、当初の予想を上回る反響に、料理を教える講師養成講座も積極的に開催し、外国人に和食を広めてくださるインストラクターも大募集!英語レッスンも組み込まれており、受講からお教室立ち上げまでバックアップしています。

At class there are various menus such as vegan character bento, Ramen & Gyoza, cutlet curry, gluten free sweets and more. In the most popular class to cook Japanese ramen, they teach you from how to make the soup (dashi) tasty with using only vegetables. Not only do the class provide sense of security to vegan foreigners that they can eat vegan food but since they can bring back the recipe, they can cook the menu even after going back home. It seems these points make the customer very happy and post on SNS what they made, and those who saw the posts come visit the class. According to Ms. Sugawara, since the popularity exceeded the expectation, cooking instructor training course is actively held and they are having a large recruitment for instructors who are willing to spread Japanese food to foreigners! English lessons are also included and will back up from taking lectures until launching the class.

ベントウヤ クッキングの活動内容や、講師養成講座については、ブログホームページ、Facebookで”BentoYa Cooking“と検索、又は、メール[email protected]まで直接ご連絡を。

For more information about BentoYa cooking’s activity and instructor trainings, please find it on Blog, Homepage, Facebook (Search “BentoYa Cooking”) or by email <[email protected]>.

ベントウヤ クッキングでは、『One meal for Two』という支援にも参加されています。日本では実は、17歳以下の子どもの約7人に1人が経済的に困難な状況にあるということから、様々な困難を抱える子どもたちへの食事提供を支援する活動です。1レッスン開催につき、約1食分の金額を認定NPO法人カタリバを通じて寄付しています。

BentoYa Cooking also participate in support called “One meal for Two”. In fact, in Japan, about one out of seven children under the age of 17 is in an economically difficult situation, so it is an activity to support the provision of meals to children with various difficulties. We will donate about one meal for one lesson held through certified NPO corporation Katariba.


From now on Ms. Sugawara is willing to spread how wonderful Japanese vegan food is from the International city Yokohama to foreign tourists and foreigners in Japan. Ms. Sugawara has a great goal to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by conveying the impression all over the world that “We can make delicious dishes using only vegetables!”.  I will pay close attention on this field where demand is increasing.

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Ms. Sugawara’s must items. Spray to protect her throat to teach in class. Favourite perfume to switch the mode to instructor mode and PC.