Hi there! My name is Kavish and I’m a marketer based in Tokyo. Having had a childhood filled with travel & unique experiences (my parents were airline folk- which sadly didn’t leave much for a trust fund), my early experiences with eschewing animal products began at a rather young age. Partly due to a natural disdain for meat and a few experiences with abattoirs, I chose to go vegetarian when I was around 7 or so. The fact that my family hailed from a culture where meat was hardly a main part of the cuisine helped, and I was never wanting for delicious alternatives. Even in all the time I spent in various countries around the world, I made do, thanks to my parents who were very supportive of my lifestyle choices (my dad later became a vegan and my mom remains vegetarian to this day). Ever since, I have alternated between being a vegetarian (still no eggs, though) and vegan.

As someone who enjoys vegan food for its taste and sticks to the lifestyle as a personal choice to be kind and environmentally conscious, I’m deeply against the “militant” or “activist” parts of the vegan/ vegetarian community who try to shame and guilt others for their lifestyle choices. I also don’t like anyone who touts either of these diets as an instant health fix-it-all. I’ve been both fit and extremely fat at differing points during my life, so yes, it is completely possible to be a fat vegan (or vegetarian; I’ve been both). Anyone who tells you different, is lying. I will be writing about a variety of topics that interest me, from the latest fads in the vegan community, to ways in which veganism affects people and (albeit subjective) methodologies for deciding which level of dietary discipline and rigidity suits your lifestyle.

On a given day, you will usually find me tinkering with new recipes, writing, drawing, plotting to escape the big city to have some R&R time in a forest somewhere or bingeing on some much needed Youtube or TV magic. I might also (occasionally) be found in my office! 