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Cooking Instructor

Why do you cook plant-based food?

I have been in the cooking industry for many years and I love to make and eat delicious food. The importance of choosing the right food to eat plays a vital role in my life - especially in rising my three children. I want them to grow healthy and strong. Therefore, I carefully choose ingredients and I also check if there are additives in the products - often there are more than you expect!

I am originally a omnivore, with meat being a common part of my diet, however, I decided to switch to vegetarian food and whole grain options, such as brown rice.

Message for those interested in Bentoya's cooking classes

I would like to share how to cook traditional Japanese shojin ryouri with all of you!

Favourite type of dishes to make

Healthy plant-based foods, such as shojin ryouri. The seasoning is simple and allows you to fully enjoy the taste of each ingredient.