Instructor Profile


Cooking Instructor

Why do you cook plant-based food?

I grew up in Nagoya and after graduating high school I went to college in the US. When I returned to Japan I started working for a company producing TV commercials. Many of the commercials were centred around food and beverages.

Comparing Japan to the US, I recognised how hard it is to be vegetarian or vegan in Japan due to a lack of food options and plant-based meals in restaurants.

Message for those interested in Bentoya's cooking classes

I would like all visitors to Tokyo and Japan to be able to enjoy delicious vegan / vegetarian Japanese-style meals, so let's enjoy cooking together!

Favourite type of dishes to make

A couple of years ago I changed my diet and discovered raw desserts, made from plant-based, gluten-free ingredients. I fell in love with the desserts and pursued a career as a raw food instructor. I am now a licensed raw food chef and patissier, with qualifications in teaching classes on soy food.

However, raw food desserts are still my favourite food to make!