Instructor Profile


Cooking Instructor

Why do you cook plant-based food?

I grew up in Kagoshima in the south of Japan, and did not know much about vegan food and other alternatives. However, while living in Dubai with my husband I learned more about vegetarian, vegan and halal foods. It surprised me how natural the diversity of options was as in Japan I had not experienced this.

After returning to Japan I decided to join Bentoya because of their interesting vegan washoku. I was impressed by how delicious the food was and what you can do without animal products!

Message for those interested in Bentoya's cooking classes

Bentoya is a place where you can learn about Japanese culture through cooking and I am happy to to pass along my knowledge - especially how to make traditional Japanese sweets - wagashi!

Favourite type of dishes to make

I like making fun and colourful bentos for my children, as well as different types of sweets. Since many traditional sweets are made with animal products I am experimenting with making my own animal-free wagashi.