When we first met Chef Era (Japanese description below) we were very impressed by her knowledge and skill in the art of Shoujin Ryouri Bento Box. We immediately asked her if she would be interested in collaborating on an event together. We were delighted when she said enthusiastically, “yes”.  In Japanese of course. Nozomi Era is a Chef at Sougo at Roppongi in Tokyo.

Since this was our inaugural and official Shoujin Ryouri class with a renown Chef like Nozomi-san, we offered a discount to our students and invited the entire BentoYa Cooking Instructors team. We usually offer special pricing for all of our first-time classes. Unfortunately, all of our team members weren’t able to attend but we were pleased with the presence of Yoko Oya from Gunma, Rina Ikeda, Hiroko Matsuura & Koari Umeda from Tokyo,  and Kayo Kinoshita from Yokohama.  Not only were we ecstatic about the class and the results of our new-found knowledge, but many of the up and coming BentoYa Instructors were able to attend.

To put your name on the waitlist for the January class, please contact us as soon as possible.  We anticipate it will fill up quickly.

 So what is Shoujin-Ryouri?

For a well-crafted description of what Shoujin Ryouri is all about, please check out THIS ARTICLE by BentoYa friends Member Sarah Hodge. Sarah is a wonderful writer who has a vast amount of knowledge in plant-based cooking so we are honoured to have her content on the official BentoYa Cooking Blog.

Nozomi Era (Japanese Explanation)

江良のぞみ (エラノゾミ) 福岡県出身 高校卒業後、 地元の海運会社で長い間 経理事務の仕事に就く OL時代アレルギーを発生し 食の大切さに気付く 趣味で無農薬野菜の栽培や、 マクロビオティックの塾、大学に通う その後地元のオーガニックカフェ勤務 閉店の為大阪の調理師学校に通う 在学中はヴィーガン食堂でアルバイトをする 調理師学校を卒業後、 精進料理を学びたい為上京 現在、精進料理宗胡にて勤務中 自身が卵、乳製品、小麦の遅延アレルギー 精進料理+グルテンフリー+白砂糖ゼロのレシピを考案 健康的でおいしく美しい料理を目指す

Shoujin Ryouri Guest Chef Nozomi Era from Sougo
Shoujin Deep Fried Oyster (Vegan)