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BentoYa, meaning “Bento place” is a unique experience here in Japan where you will learn how to create authentic Japanese cuisine with locals that speak English fluently. Located in Tokyo and Yokohama, certified instructors Rina Ikeda and Akiko Sugawara founded BentoYa Cooking on the principles of minimizing the footprint we leave behind on our environment, while maximizing our health through quality nutrition. Their extensive knowledge of how food is linked to long-term health was embedded in their lives from the start of BentoYa's passion for cooking.

The combination of their experiences in cooking for foreigners in Japan has led to the delicious creations from their menu. Bentoya Cooking prides itself by adhering to environmentally conscious business practices. All BentoYa's vegan ingredients have been carefully chosen, and sourced for long term sustainability. 


BentoYa primarily caters to English speaking foreigners in Tokyo with the exception of occasional classes in Yokohama.  Other areas of Japan can be available upon request as well as custom classes so please contact us should you have any questions.  Past students have left their reviews  here [link].


Vegans and vegetarians alike are constantly seeking out options since Japan's commercial food industry weight so heavily upon meat. With limited options available, many people are finding that BentoYa's cooking classes are a great way to get a nutritious, well-rounded meal while learning Japanese cuisine in English. That, and it's fun a great way to meet other people in Japan.

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“The vegan ramen/gyoza class in Osaka was great! The chefs were very patient and kind, and I now have three vegan recipes I can make with ingredients I can easily get in Japan. A class like this is useful if you are an expat living here, or if you are a vegan traveler who wants to eat traditional Japanese food. I hope they continue to offer these classes in the Kansai region!”

- Cleyera M (Trip Advisor)


“Two days ago I participated in a vegan and gluten-free cooking class with Bentoya. We made vegan tantan men and gyoza.
The event was held about 5 minutes walk from Yotsuya station. The atmosphere was friendly and I enjoyed chatting with the other participants. Rina and Akiko our two hosts were super lovely as well. All the participants were handed a nicely designed easy to understand printout which included today’s recipe as well as a shopping guide for the ingredients and some more information useful to vegans in Tokyo. They then introduced us to the products we were going to use that day.
After we were done with the cooking we all sat down to enjoy our meal together. Everything tasted delightful and I cannot wait to try copying these recipes at home.”

- Moon Over Tokyo (Trip Advisor)


“Basically Ramen is unhealthy but you can cook for healthy delicious Ramen here!! It was more than I expected!
Also Akiko and Rina are very kind and have knowledge for Japanese ingredients and cooking. You can have an unique, fun and useful experience. highly recommended!”

- MARIKO w (Trip Advisor)


“I just took my first vegan cooking class at Bentoya and had so much fun! Both of the instructors are so knowledgeable and attentive, they made us feel at home. The class size was small enough (around 6, 7 people) that we could ask questions whenever we wanted, chat and make new friends.

"I’m not Vegan myself but always wanted to learn how to cook for my vegan friends for dinner parties etc. They will tell you where to buy ingredients etc so you can practice / try at home as well. it’s a great way to learn how to make fun Japanese dishes. Bentoya is a gem- totally recommend to anyone who is curious about vegan Japanese cooking! ” 

- Ayaka M (Trip Advisor)

"Learn to to make vegan gyoza ( Japanese dumplings) and vegan ramen...and taste the fruits of you labor. The atmosphere is very relaxed and enjoyable as you mix with other foreigners, then you are guided through the variety of ingredients and mixture of processes and eventually to the grand finale of tasting... really awesome taste even a non-vegan would enjoy"

-Luis D (Trip Advisor)

"As a vegetarian living in the Japanese countryside, I'm always looking for fun ways to learn about and enjoy Japanese cooking that I can actually eat. I took the Vegan Ramen and Gyoza class and I had a great time. Everything was well prepared and organized during the class. I met some nice people and had interesting conversations. I ate lots of delicious food and left with the recipes. I had never planned on making gyoza at home but folding those little pockets was so fun that now I'm planning of having a gyoza making party when I get back home to California. Lovely food, lovely people!"

-Jaimie P (Trip Advisor)

"I took two classes with Rina. The first class I took was vegan Japanese food. I had so much fun making vegan miso soup, sushi roll, gyoza, tofu mayo, and sherbet. a whole course meal which was vegan and so easy to make! the food was delicious and Rina is such a lovely person and a good teacher.
The other class I took was Totoro bento. The bento was so cute and not as difficult as I thought it would be.

I honestly had so much fun in these classes and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to learn how to cook Japanese food, especially vegan ones."

-Tifani H (Trip Advisor)