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Japanese vegan food | modoki ryori

Modoki ryori refers to food which uses plant-based ingredients to mimic the appearance, taste and texture of meat dishes. This type of dishes are common in shojin ryori and they have also achieved a certain mainstream popularity due to the health factor of eating vegetable-rich meals.

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gyoza (Japanese dumplings)

Chuka ryori: ramen, gyoza and harumaki

Chuka ryori (中華料理) refers to Japanese-Chinese dishes which originate from China, but have been adjusted to fit the style and taste of the Japanese palette. Dishes that belong to this group are for example ramen, gyoza and harumaki.

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Veganism in Japan

Japan has long been a very vegan-friendly country. Buddhism arrived to Japan in the 6th century and as it discouraged the eating of meat, the Japanese began to refrain from eating animals with four legs.

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Vegan JapanEasy review

In his newest cookbook, Chef Tim Anderson, winner of the MasterChef competition in 2011, offers up vegan takes on Japanese soul food like kaarage (fried chicken) and croquettes along with some international interpretations like pesto udon, French onion ramen, and soy sauce butterscotch brownies.

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