Looking for that perfect vegan Christmas gift?

BentoYa has partnered with Veecoco, one of the leading platforms for online vegan cooking courses, to offer an exciting (and delicious) course on authentic vegan sushi and ramen.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for that special someone?

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BentoYa is proud to partner up with Veecoco, one of the leading platforms for online vegan cooking courses. Our head chef, Akiko Sugawara is now conducting an exciting course on authentic vegan sushi and ramen. 

Fair warning: This will make you hungry, so have your cooking utensils at the ready!

The course takes you through the entire experience of making vegan sushi and ramen. This includes:

  • an in-depth overview of the ingredients you need;
  • substitutions for the recommended ingredients;
  • a journey through the fascinating history of Japanese cuisine;
  • the secret to making the perfect sushi rice;
  • the art of preparing the perfect ramen bowl.

Who is Akiko Sugawara?

Akiko grew up on a rural farm just north of Sendai, Japan. A lifelong cooking enthusiast, she spent her childhood mastering the family recipes, which drew heavily from traditional Japanese culinary practices that relied on an abundance of whole foods to create hearty and healthy vegetable-filled dishes. 

She later moved to Canada, and embraced veganism. Upon her return to Japan, she started BentoYa Cooking, in order to provide vegans with the opportunity to enjoy vegan twists on traditional Japanese dishes.

Who will benefit from this online vegan cooking course?

This is a great online course for anyone who wants to learn at their own pace from home. The online videos contain careful step-by-step instructions and is highly beginner-friendly. 

Click here to buy your loved ones a gift card, which gives you access to our course (along with 400+ other vegan cooking courses from various culinary traditions).

You can also click here to access BentoYa’s regular sushi and ramen courses.

Happy cooking!

BentoYa Head Chef Akiko

BentoYa Head Chef Akiko Sugawara

vegan sushi with mayo

vegan maki sushi

vegan sushi

vegan nigiri sushi

vegan ramen

Vegan tantan ramen

Photos by Veecoco 

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